SMS Send Single and Bulk Text Sending Software is fully automatic and accessible from your PC, Mobile Phone or Tablet with no downloading requires. Just upload a CVS spread sheet file with the mobile numbers and selected names you want, and the system takes over with just a single click of a button.

  • STEP 1

    Create a New Account

    It’s really simple to get started, and the best part is we are giving away 10 free credits just for signing up to let you test drive the software before committing with purchasing a large amount of SMS credits.

    All that’s needed to sign up is to enter your Name, email address and create a password and then an email will be sent to your inbox asking you to confirm. Once confirmed you then will be able to access the software.



  • STEP 2

    Accessing the Software

    Once signed in, you’ll be presented with various option from being able to create as many message templates as you want which then all get stored for re-use later.

    Simply, import a CSV file with your mobile phone numbers and data then send out text messages individually or in mass bulk. Other great features are being able to send out and be received by displaying your own mobile number or using the text option instead. Use the pre-set calendar setup for date and time scheduling.


  • STEP 3

    Text Messaging Campaign Analysis

    Another massive benefit to our software users is that we are willing and able to manage your text messaging campaign for you all inclusive on your behalf. Once signed up just contact us to let us know.

    What this means is we design, host and build you a landing page with a unique URL enabling you to monitor the click through rate, or go even more advanced with Google analytics included on request.


Software Fully Automatic.

Our SMS Send Text Messaging Software is fully automatic, and once clients or customers are entered from within the detail sheets we provide, the system takes over and enters the names for you.

Message can also be sent or re-sent as reminders at any time – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly for virtually any reason.

These are just a few examples you can set and forget for; Appointments, Special Offers, Service and MOT Reminders, Moving Home, Rentals, Birthdays, Invitations, Seasonal Events, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, plus keep record within of who and where to deliver, if so required.

The Big Question

The Big Question Every Business Wants To Know is how do we get more clientele, customers and members by using SMS Send Text Messaging Software?

  • 95% of text messages are read where as 90% of emails sent are not opened at all.
  • Users curiosity factor to open SMS notification out-ways any other form of marketing.
  • Quickest response time of anything in the world, as SMS are read within 5 seconds.
  • Take advantage of our free co-pilot monitoring, analysis and campaign building.

Free Test drive trial to get started now

Simply enter a few details in to the software and start benefiting from seeing better results with your marketing campaigns.

SMS Send has the ability to send out text messages in bulk to your client database Worldwide, however prices vary.

Please contact us so we can inform you more about the Country or Countries you wish to send to.

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