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Each single SMS Send text message sent can contain up to 160 characters including spaces at a cost of one credit.

Messages containing and sent with over 160 and up to 320 characters are counted as using two credits and so on thereafter in multiples of 160 characters.

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Please use our character checker below or click here
Be sure to check your text message character count making sure the customers name characters are counted and not just '{{cname}}' in the final count!

Each 160 characters count as 1 credit, so example 320 characters 2 credits
Actual TEXT MESSAGE Example so NOTE not to make character counting error before sending!
Dear {{cname}} just a reminder it is your wife’s birthday on 20th November and sure she would love some flowers. Go to our website to order now

If you copy and paste the text message above in to the text box below then hit the space bar on your keyboard once this will give an actual count of 159 characters.
Please try it!

0 Characters

{{cname}} will count as 7 characters so if the customers name is Julie Smith would be the actual character count as exampled below

Now copy and paste this message below that includes the actual customer name Julie Smith

Dear Julie Smith just a reminder it is your wife’s birthday on 20th November and sure she would love some flowers. Go to our website to order now

This now equates to 161 characters costing 2 credits.

If un-sure contact our support team by clicking here before sending!

Health and Beauty

Dear {{cname}}, would you like a nice relaxing massage with a 10% discount. Call 07459 614087 or make a booking now online
(150 characters)


We noticed you haven’t been to our salon for a while & would like to offer a 15% discount coupon code. Use OCT19 to claim on your next visit.
(160 characters)

Clubs Bars

Hi, this weekend we've invited many celebrities to join us in celebrating our Christmas bash. For ticket bookings visit website
(150 characters)


Dear {{cname}}, Thursday 26th March we're offering any free pizza with online orders over £29. Claim a free pizza now by going to
(149 characters)


This Christmas our charities are raising money for homeless children living in poverty. Please make a donation by going to our web page
(159 characters)


Hello Members, next month 1st July we're hosting a barbecue to raise money for the local hospital. To access your ticket & details visit
(160 characters)

Motor Industry

This is a reminder to let you know your car registration ABC 123 has its MOT due for renewal on 26th January. Call or book online now - visit
(160 characters)

Sport Clubs

Dear Members, this year’s annual dinner dance event will be held on 31st July after the one day tournament. To enter and claim tickets visit
(160 characters)


Dear Mary, a quick reminder it’s your Mother’s birthday soon & I’m sure she would love a bouquet of flowers. To book call 0200 0 4567 or visit
(160 characters)

Health Care

Dear {{cname}} you have a medical appointment booked Tuesday 18th May. If you cant make let us know otherwise we will see you then!
(154 characters)


Dear Andrew, we've just taken a new development for sale & have all the details on our website. Please let us know to arrange a viewing
(158 characters)


Dear all, smssend hope you've found our site appealing & can see value in using our services. We build the campaign all included example
(158 characters)

Let's arrange a call back with a time convenient for you so we can answer any further question you might have?




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