Sue Smith – formerly Anemones London;
The trade’s been crying out for something like this for years.

Jeanette Baker Street Florist;
Really good idea

Clare Taylor – Paul Thomas Flowers;
very clever

Warren Stargazers Isleworth; 
It’s a fantastic idea

Nicola Falco Portlands Florist;
Happy to recommend people

Caroline Barker London Baby Wear;
very happy to recommend people

Harpenden Jeweller explains how sms send has transformed his business:
Works like a charm! I’d heard about the sms system recently and thought it was really a clever idea!

Ok, its put out by a company called sms messaging uk up in London, and the way it works is they give you some simple customer detail forms. All you do is once you’ve served a customer let’s say a new necklace or maybe on an enquiry, you just ask them to fill in the form to get text messages about new designs or any offers, and then enter it on the system, it’s pretty easy.

If I haven’t got a necklace template already, I’ll enter one up, and SMS send does the rest.

The text only goes to that person, so i’m not bombarding everyone with loads of texts, and the template normally says that we have had a new collection in and maybe also carries a discount offer, but what works really well for me though are the bracelets.

All I do is set the machine to send in about 2 weeks time saying that we have a new selection of charms just in, and customers click on my website in the text and just buy, so i’m a really happy bunny – i figure my trade has shot up by about 35% – 40%.