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Automatic easy entry no extra work – the same as any bulk send with much more!

Here are 10 extra features superseding ordinary bulk send!

  1. Enter your ‘pinpoint message’ which automatically puts both customer and recipient’s personal names and your website in the right places for you in any message e.g:

          Dear john, don’t forget that amanda has a birthday party on 10th march to order, please visit our             website

  1. Templates – re-use that message for any other customers and the system will again insert the new names automatically.

  2. Send separate fully personalised messages to unlimited totally separate people.

  3. Frequency control – do not annoy your recipients, select 1 – 365 days bulk send is still there for announcements, offers, or PR letters. Costs are thus reduced as they are tailored only to relevant recipients.

  4. Include 3rd party recipients details with 3rd party personal names.

  5. Your website URL and phone number embedded in the SMS messages.

  6. Adaptive field names can be tailored to any business requirements.

  7. Spend details and item details fields are included (optional).

  8. Constant automatic backup to the cloud, never lose data.

  9. Special forms to gain more customer loyalty week-by-week.